We are a family owned, residential contracting company, building spec homes in and around Culpeper and Fauquier Counties.  We strive to offer high quality homes with a personal touch!

You can also check out our Projects page to see what we are currently building and our previous builds.  Pictures and posts will be uploaded as we go through the process of each project.

One of our past projects, shown at the bottom of the Projects page, features highlights of our previous home which was built by Doug.  Since we are a new company, we recognize that we have little “inventory” to show potential clients, so I’ve uploaded photos from Doug’s personal home he built in 2004-2005.  We recently sold this home, so unfortunately we can’t offer it to be shown, but hopefully the photos will be enough to showcase his workmanship.  Our most recent build on Settle School Rd is also showcased and includes pictures and comments from the very beginning of the project through the end.  Our current project on Dutch Hollow is the feature photo.  We will be breaking ground soon, so new photos and content will be coming SOON!

Lastly, the blog will initially be updated as often as I can get time to write!  It will offer information about new construction; often specifically highlighting our journey though the phases of building a home and the trials, pitfalls, and successes we experience as builders, but it will also address other topics related to new construction!  Other topics will include information and helpful tips for buyers and sellers since real estate is my area of expertise!

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or to get more information about our current project.